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About our company


POLIMERINJEKT Ltd. is a private construction company, which works mainly in the special sector, hydrotechnical, tunnel construction and the mining industry. The company uses technologies with anchor systems, piles, sheet pile walls, cement and polymer compositions. We specialize in performing of ground supporting structures based anchor systems in combination with sprayed concrete, performance of micropiles, soldier piles with lagging and sheet pile walls.

We are particularly committed to strict adherence to our commitments, and our goal is, through exceptional professionalism in the field, in which we work, discipline and organization of staff, to respond in a timely manner to the challenges of the new time. Every day we strive for improvements and improvements, which is evident from our numerous successfully completed projects and we believe, that in the future we will continue to maintain the line of high professionalism and security in realizing the engineering challenges.

Soldier Piles

Bored piles

Anchor systems


Sheet piles


Hydraulic Construction

Road and tunnel construction

Key projects

Current projects

Reinforcement at road underpass at km. 114+730 in the railway section Kalitinovo - Khan Asparuh

Measures to strengthen MC1 and MC3 of the third metro line to the "Slatina" district

Modernization of the Sofia-Dragoman railway line

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