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Shotcreting is a layering process by spraying a cement mixture, inert materials, water and additives under high pressure on various surfaces. Such surfaces may be horizontal, vertical or ceiling areas.

Reinforcement of slopes with sprayed concrete most often includes the laying of reinforcing mesh and soil nails..

Shotcrete is one of the fastest and most suitable ways to rehabilitate concrete surfaces.


· Very good adhesion of the particles and the mixture to the treated surface is achieved, which allows spraying in any plane- walls, ceilings, arches, etc..

· Shotcrete concrete fills cracks, cavities and small pores, thus monolithizing the sprayed surface

· Possibility to apply layers of different thickness, depending on the design requirement, as a minimum a layer of 4 cm.

· Ability to quickly build load-bearing structures without the use of formwork

· Shotcrete concrete has different properties of ordinary concrete produced by conventional methods. The properties of the material are regulated by the use of fillers and additives

Necessary conditions

· The surface, on which it will be laid must be completely clean, rough, but indestructible. High pressure water is recommended for cleaning and roughening the substrate (hydroblasting) or sandblasting

· The surface must be waterproof, but without wet spots or puddles, as this can lead to a deterioration in the strength of the bond between the base and the sprayed concrete

· It is necessary to choose the right ingredients when choosing the formulation of the shotcrete mixture depending on the design conditions

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