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Anchor systems

IBO Anchors

IBO anchors are a steel ribbed tube, which also serves as a drilling lever, injection tube and steel support element (rebar), ie. "3 in 1". In soft soils and in weathered rock masses, in which drilling is performed, a casing is saved, at the expense of the use of a stabilizing solution as a washing liquid.

The anchors can be made as passive or active with root and free part formation when applying a suitable insulating system.

When performing passive anchors, the productivity is around 2-3 times higher, thanks to the simultaneous washing with cement mortar and stabilization of the borehole, than with the hitherto known methods of drilling with siege pipes. The possibility of simultaneous drilling, installation and immediate injection of the anchor shortens the necessary operations, and hence the installation time.


Micropiles are reinforced concrete drilling piles, reinforced with high-strength steel with a round cross-section and small diameter, the self-drilling anchor can be considered as the most suitable reinforcement. Micropiles can be used on different types of soils, as the calculated load may vary from 3 to 200 tons. This is a remarkable value, bearing in mind, that their diameter does not exceed 25-30cm. Micropiles are a reasonable alternative to traditional pilot foundations, especially in constructions in narrow sections, with difficult access and small overall height of the facility. They are usually offered with a relatively short length and are performed using various drilling techniques, as the necessary machines are much more compact and easy to move and operate, of those when working with standard reinforced concrete piles. Drilling techniques cause almost no vibration, which makes them particularly safe and suitable for urban conditions.

Soil nails

Often to absorb tensile and shear stresses and ensure the stability of the earth mass is approached to the implementation of reinforcing bars or t. the sun. "Soil nails". They are a system of anchoring rod, injected along its entire length, attached to the array with a support plate or support block, which is combined with a mesh-reinforced shotcrete placed on the reinforced slope. The method is suitable for strengthening terraces, deep excavations, earth embankments, existing landslides under the following conditions:

  • All types of soils associated with N30 > 9 and IP < 15
  • Unbound dense soils with little cohesion (>5 kRa), unsaturated
  • Weathered rocks with appropriate cracking

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