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Sheet piles


The sheet pile walls are vertically nailed steel profiles, fastened to each other by means of a specially shaped lock on the element itself, which due to the friction during driving becomes watertight and provides monolithicity of the executed wall. This allows the use of this type of fortification even in large water inflows, as at a sufficient depth of driving the construction excavation is protected from the entry of groundwater.

The main principle in implementation is to reduce the friction between the sheet pile and the soil. The vibrations temporarily disturb the soil around the element, causing the effect of "liquefaction", which leads to a reduction in friction between soil and sheet piling. This allows the compaction to be done with very little added force, ie. own weight plus the weight of the vibrator or assistance from the mast.


  • Applicable to almost all soil types
  • Ideal for strengthening in the presence of high groundwater, irrigated and swampy terrains, in which the excavation is unstable even for a short period of time
  • Suitable for limited space: construction of a wing, close trenches and mines
  • Possibility to fence polygonal and round perimeters
  • At high loads possibility for combination with anchors and stretching structures
  • High performance
  • Fun carrying capacity
  • Applicable in aquatic environments
  • Inventory use of sheet piles
  • Lack of excavation works for the realization of the fortification

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